In which I converse with the representative of a large office supply vendor:

OD: I’m calling about the order you placed.

Me: Yes?

OD: That item number is incorrect. I need you to fix the number and refax the order.

Me: That’s the number from your website.

OD: The item number 123456 is incorrect.

Me: Yet, when I type in 123456 on your website, my item appears.

OD: Which catalog are you using?

Me: I’m not using a catalog. I’m using your website.

OD: That number is incorrect.

Me: I’m looking at it on my screen right now.

OD: Let me look that up on my system…. hmmm… that number is for an item which has been discontinued. You should wait two or three days and then refax us this order, and then we guarantee we will have the item in stock.

Me: …

OD: Which catalog do you use?

Me: I use your website and it says nothing about this item being discontinued.

OD: I’m sorry I couldn’t complete your order today.

Me: …

OD: Thank you for using our company.


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