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It was so cold in the ladies’ room at work this morning that I left my pants on the entire time.



I was finally forced to light the furnace tonight because the temperatures outside had dropped in to the low 60’s.


The Boss came out to me in a panic and said, “Round everyone up for an emergency staff meeting in my office!” before he rushed back through his own door.

After everyone was assembled anxiously around his desk and the air was redolent with the smell of pants filling, he gravely informed us that we just HAD to decide where we were going to have the office Christmas luncheon. Not only THAT, we had to decide THE DATE of said luncheon.

There was a lot of “…” from the staff and then the old timers started reminiscing about crappy Christmas luncheons past and which restaurants they never wanted to set foot in again. The Boss, since he is a good manager, steered the conversation back to the IMMINENT PROBLEM AT HAND!

In the end, it was decided that we should lunch at a place called “Buca” and, since I’m “the new girl”, I was put in charge of making the reservations. I thought the task should’ve been allocated to “the new guy”, since he’s a waiter and knows from restaurants. I went online and made reservations at a place with a similar sounding name for twice as many people on the wrong day. Let’s see who’s handing out reservation responsibilities next year!


I walked to the office next door to pick up some mail and the desk lady accosted me with a stuffed Christmas decoration. She pushed it towards me and asked if I knew who it was.

It was no Wage in a Santa hat, I can assure you. I told her it was the abominable snowman from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. She seemed disappointed that I had correctly identified the item so she decided to punish me.

“Squeeze him”, she demanded.

“I ain’t squeezin’ no Yeti…” I told her.


I complied.

Nothing happened.

“No, no, squeeze his FOOT”, she said. Which should have been obvious, since he’s Bigfoot and what have you.

Burl Ives started singing Have a Holly Jolly Christmas at 85 decibels. I dropped the wrong snowman and shouted over the music, “Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!” She cackled and I ran away.

I’ll go back for the mail tomorrow when she’s at lunch.


The reason I haven’t blogged much/at all over the 4-day holiday weekend:

Gauntlet Dark Legacy

Final stats for my Level 88 Valkyrie:

Enemies killed: 32,343
Generators destroyed: 3,027
Gold found: 211,010

Total playtime – 19 hours, 33 minutes

It only SEEMED like it took longer, due to all the crashing 3/4ths of the way through the game.


Happy Thanksgiving!

We celebrated the holiday in the same fashion as the pilgrims at Plymouth – with a chocolate Pacman cake.

Pacman Cake


Note to all y’all coming over to my place for Thanksgiving dinner:

Each of you needs to bring a folding chair and every fourth person is responsible for bringing a card table.


Brian: What are you thinking?

Me: Nothing I can say in mixed company.

Brian: …

Me: Of which you are.

Brian: …

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