Little Ninja Wage was looking a bit sulky, so I thought a trip to Disneyland would cure his case of the blahs. I discovered too late that he isn’t much of a line stander. After waiting a half hour to get through the parking structure (Mickey and Friends lot, Chip ‘n’ Dale 1E, via the Daisy Duck level to the tram), he found out he would have to wait again for the shuttle and yet again to buy tickets.

Another queue?

I didn’t have the nerve to let him know about the lines for the rides. I thought it better that he find out on his own.

Wage qualified for a junior admission ticket

Once the tickets were in hand, we set off to find the most thrill-inducing, death-defying rides in the park.

The teacups? Where are the big rides??

Wage outed himself as a big Star Wars fan before the night was over.

Jedi Padawage


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