The Boss came out to me in a panic and said, “Round everyone up for an emergency staff meeting in my office!” before he rushed back through his own door.

After everyone was assembled anxiously around his desk and the air was redolent with the smell of pants filling, he gravely informed us that we just HAD to decide where we were going to have the office Christmas luncheon. Not only THAT, we had to decide THE DATE of said luncheon.

There was a lot of “…” from the staff and then the old timers started reminiscing about crappy Christmas luncheons past and which restaurants they never wanted to set foot in again. The Boss, since he is a good manager, steered the conversation back to the IMMINENT PROBLEM AT HAND!

In the end, it was decided that we should lunch at a place called “Buca” and, since I’m “the new girl”, I was put in charge of making the reservations. I thought the task should’ve been allocated to “the new guy”, since he’s a waiter and knows from restaurants. I went online and made reservations at a place with a similar sounding name for twice as many people on the wrong day. Let’s see who’s handing out reservation responsibilities next year!


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