Star Wars Episode IV was all up on the big screen tonight!

Wage smells like Fandango

For the record, unlike several other audience members, I did not dress as one of the characters from the film. And not just because my Obi-Wan beard was at the cleaners.

Before the “Greedo shot first” edition of the film was shown, some of the original model makers took questions from the crowd.

A New Hope model makers

After the model makers were finished, Wage took the stage to talk about his role as Wage Antilles. He had planned to be Red Leader, but ended up as Red 2 after a dispute with Porkins. Porkins dies off, anyway, and Wage was brought back to reprise his role in Episodes V and VI. Who’s laughing now, Porkins??

Wage Antilles - Red 2

When the movie was over, we checked out the models on display. We were a bit disappointed to discover that they weren’t actual production models used in the film, but reproductions made from old shoes and jam…

Wage used to bullseye womprats in Beggar's Canyon

…much like the first vessel to cross the Atlantic in 1066.


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