I went with a group of people to see The Painted Veil last night. Here’s a sampling of viewer comments heard after the movie:

“I’m so confused.”

“I apologize for recommending this film. I also apologize for the length of the film. I had no idea.”

“They really could’ve told the story with a linear timeline and it would’ve been fine.”

“That warlord guy reminded me of the Gungan leader in Episode I. I mean, Phantom Menace. Never mind. I forgot that I’d resolved never again to speak of any Star Wars films…”

“That movie was scary. And they shouldn’t show pr0n like that.”

“Why did they have Ed Norton playing an Englishman? Couldn’t they find an available British actor?”

“Where’s the restroom?”

“Dude, aren’t you glad we had free passes? Because… MAN….”


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