So far, I’ve fixed two recipes from my Alton Brown cookbook and one of them didn’t even involve using the microwave. Wacky!

Replicated for your enjoyment (or whatever it is you’re doing while you’re reading this): How to Sear!

Firstly, take some cheap skirt steak ($2.36 at Albertson’s) and rest it for fifteen minutes on some chopsticks from PF Chang’s.

Rest your meat on a classy rack

Secondish, lube your meat with a misting of olive oil; sprinkle kosher salt using a high approach vector.

Salt your meat using a high approach vector

3rd – After cracking some pepper, be sure to massage your meat. As Alton Brown says, it’s the only way to know for sure that you’ve gotten good salt-to-meat contact.

Remember to massage your meat

Fore: Put your big ass cast iron skillet over the highest flame your stove can muster. After heating for three minutes, lay your steaks in the skillet, remember without a little horror that you should’ve opened the window and turned on the exhaust fan, then flip the steaks after three minutes.

Enjoy your meat as part of this balanced breakfast!

Enjoy your meat!


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