This one is moist

You know how one of the big bonuses to switching over to the New Blogger is the absence of wacky server errors? I *never* got one of those until tonight. Coincidence? Or no??

I’m still not switching.

No matter what sort of strong-arm tactics are employed.

I’m serious. I’ll move to LiveJournal TypePad if they pry the Old Blogger out of my cold, dead laptop.


One response to “This one is moist

  1. hehe and here you are on WordPress instead!

    The number sequences in place of unused titles is the oddest thing I saw after I imported my three years of posts from Blogger and I really can’t think of anything else to maybe warn you of.

    If you need help with template tweaks or plug-ins, I might be able to help. Make heavy use of the documentation at WordPress though- a lot of the answers are there.

    Do you even get all those options with WordPress hosting you?

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