Vodka sandwiches

There haven’t been any updates because I haven’t hardly been on the line.

Most of my real life adventures feature the same group of shitbags I deal with on a regular basis, and there’s no point writing about them.

I think I’ll walk down to the beach, stake out a space, plunk down a lawn chair, prop open the shade umbrella, open up a room-temperature beverage and return to this online world some other day.



7 responses to “Vodka sandwiches

  1. do you mind if i join you? i’ll bring my own cold coca cola…

  2. Well, GEE… I finally FOUND you!! LOL! …and, look… you’re doing JUST what I expected you to be doing! sandwiches.. works for me!

    Please update my link when ya get the chance, ‘kay?

  3. Haven’t you been on that beach for long enough now?

  4. Hey! Snap out of it and pass me one of them vodka sandwiches! You’re hogging the umbrella and aren’t those Brian’s flipflops?

  5. I resent – deeply, mind – the implication that I would own a pair of flipflops, dammit!

    Glitterpink Mary Janes with four-inch heels, yes; flipflops, jamais!

  6. oh right. That’s what I meant. Flip flops for short.
    How does one make a vodka sandwich anyway?

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