Swan Minor

Memo to the guy who used to have my phone number (and you know who you are, because your friends read my blog and requested – LAST YEAR when I GOT THIS NUMBER – that I remove your real name from my posts because my statements about your inability to pay your debts might make you “look bad”):

1) Hertz called. Your long-term rental car is overdue. They need to speak with you. I’ve spoken with the Hertz people on a quarterly basis each time they call to say this. Each time, I tell them this isn’t your number. Each new time they call, they tell me you still give MY number out as yours.

2) Your veterinarian called. Your pets’ medications are ready at the front counter.

3) The pharmacy called. You need to get your own medications refilled.

4) Another collection agency called. You have another unpaid debt. Just sayin’. I’m not the one going around not paying and then complaining that someone says I don’t pay my bills and trying to blame “identity theft” for why I’m running up debts all over the place and hiding behind fake contact information.


3 responses to “Swan Minor

  1. his friends requested not to disclose his name? more like he put them up to it! this must be doing your head in so i’d stick his name up on there for the whole world to see!

  2. Yikes!

    We have a girl who had our family’s home phone number. Unfortunately, her first name is the same as our daughter. We are constantly getting phone calls for her… then have to say, oh…you mean THAT Emily… lol… I think that they think we’re covering for her.

  3. That Swan in yer title wouldn’t be a reference to me would it? I thought that dude’s name was Gary! Perhaps it’s time to contact my connections in Youngstown for the settling of this problem?

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