Paint my muscle car prune color, please!

I got a mailer from U.S. Direct Express saying I’d been pre-approved for an auto loan. I only read  junk mail for the entertainment value, so I flipped over the page to read the fine print.

Western Sierra Acceptance Corporation will provide me some righteous financing at a simple interest rate of 18.99 APR and/or max state usury rate.

18.99 % interest on a CAR LOAN! I may as well just charge the entire purchase to my credit card!

I planned to burn the letter before it fell in to the wrong hands, but before I could strike the match, Angela Jones from States Recovery Systems, Inc at 916-631-7085 called for Norm. She said she needed to discuss some “personal business matters” with him or Kelly and that either of them could call her back at 1-800-211-1435 extension 269 and use reference number 1515230.


3 responses to “Paint my muscle car prune color, please!

  1. Glad you’re back!

  2. What? And get rid of your hoopty? Dude.

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