V.I. Lenin

The Easter bunny left some swanky eggs on the table this morning.

They are the eggs, man

After reviewing the video from the security camera in the kitchen, I was surprised to discover the TRUE identity of the Easter bunny! I wasn’t surprised, however, to find out that he doesn’t work alone.

Playing Easter bunny

The lads worked hard on my Easter surprise. They knew I was despondent over missing the Bag of Crap sale during the woot-off a couple of weeks ago. After I also missed getting a BoC on April Fool’s Day, and moped around the house wailing, “I could’ve gotten three craps in one bag!” they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Bag of Carp

Inside my bag, I found FIVE things, none of which were crap! Very exciting!

Not carp at all

Hope all y’all had a Happy Easter and/or a pleasant Sunday!


6 responses to “V.I. Lenin

  1. Awww… what sweeties.

  2. That is some rightgeous crap, baby.

  3. Excellent stuff! Happy Easter!

  4. I got nothin’!

  5. Hey Dude, that’s Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov’s name.

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