Take a right on ‘Monster-Killing-Girls’ Road

Did any of y’all know that Los Angeles has a zoo? I know some of you think the place IS a zoo, but doesn’t everyone just automatically assume you have to drive to San Diego/Tijuana to see a proper animal exhibit?

I had no desire to spend $3.25 per gallon of gas for the car to drive south to see the donkey show, so I loaded the car with some friends and we braved the drive over to Burbank. I tend to stick with activities that take me no further than three miles inland, so I had completely forgotten HOW HOT it is once you cross the mountains into the San Fernando Valley. They should rename it the San Fernando Wall of Heat. Or something.

What’s funny is that I managed to traverse three separate freeways to get to the zoo, but once I found the correct exit, I turned right instead of left and inexplicably drove up a hill to the back of the Griffith Observatory. This is not recommended, because you have to crash through some barrier gates and those orange cones get stuck under the car.

I turned the car around and went back to the intersection with the GIANT SIGN with the GIANT ARROW that indicated zoo parking was the other way. But hey – free parking!

Wage is excited about spending the day at the zoo

Minimum Wage got in for $5, because he’s under 13.

I can’t hardly talk about Minimum Wage because *I LOST HIM AT THE ZOO*!!! I’m such a terrible friend. I checked both Lost and Founds, but he wasn’t there. He also wasn’t where I’d accidentally left him. Poor guy.

This is one of his last-ever photos:

Lion and Wage

Everyone in the group was getting sunburned and dehydrated, so we got some $3 waters and the tram to sort of make our way around the zoo without walking. We rode the tram twice to enjoy the shade and the comfort of plastic bench against our ample asses. Speaking of asses, the tram goes around the backside of the animal exhibits, and we got to see a lot of non-public activity. And some creatures that look like porcupines, but are related to the hog family. Like our group.

On the way out, we saw a single camel:

The camel at the zoo


3 responses to “Take a right on ‘Monster-Killing-Girls’ Road

  1. Sorry to hear about your lost Wage …

  2. Rest in peace, Wage. Rest in peace. *sniff*

  3. Poor lost Wage…

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