Collective heads of knuckle

Sometimes I think about posting conversations I’ve had at work, but none of them ever really measure up to the standards of the now-defunct Computer Store. Until today, that is. I was up at the front desk, chatting with the receptionist. She is a 22-year old who has lived in LA all her life. The new AP supervisor came out to ask for directions to somewhere inland.

R: {indicating a left turn with her hand} Take a right as you leave the parking lot, then take a left when you see the sign for the 10 Freeway.

AP: So, I would go north out of the parking lot?

R: I don’t know about north, but I know that’s how you get to the 10 Freeway.

Me: Wouldn’t you be heading east if you took a right out of the parking lot?

AP: East?

Me: Only because if you turn left, you end up at the Pacific Ocean, which seems to be an indicator of “west”.

R: That’s the Pacific Ocean?

Me: …

R: …

Me: Yes.

R: Oh, because my friend, you know, her dad? He said that when he dies, he wants to be cremated and have his ashes scattered in the Pacific Ocean and none of us was for sure where that was.

Me: Right. Well, I have to… I have to go now, because I… I’m due back on the planet Earth.

AP: I thought you worked in payroll?


One response to “Collective heads of knuckle

  1. I am speechless.

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