Go, Sir Sack of Doorknobs!

There was much excitement at work this morning. It started when I said, “Look at all this work that the ex-temp never got around to doing”, only to turn around and see him standing right behind me.

His agency had called him repeatedly over the weekend and had overloaded his voice mail with messages letting him know that his “assignment” with us was complete and that he didn’t need to report for work Monday. He never returned their calls and showed up at our office anyway. As luck would have it.

“Is everything OK?” he asked. I shrugged. “Because my In Box is gone and there’s a letter on my desk telling me to call my agency right away.” I told him I’d be right back and then I escaped to the ladies’ room. I stayed there for like, EVER, until I heard my name over the intercom. I held out a hand mirror to check around the corner in case of ambush and made my way to a secluded phone.

The operator said that Dude was in the lobby and wanted me to fetch his cigarettes out of his desk. I told her I was unavailable. Later, I found out that the operator had asked another co-worker for the cigarettes and was told, “I don’t get smokes for no one!” Personally, I thought she should’ve done like my mother used to do when she’d uncover a hidden stash of my father’s cigarettes – cut the entire pack in half and put it in a ziplock baggie.

When I saw the operator in the lunch room later, she said that Dude told her he’d been fired because he was “too organized”. She said that his desk looked very neat and orderly. I agreed and told her it looked like a model desk – it looked like no one did any actual work there – which was the real reason he’d been let go.


3 responses to “Go, Sir Sack of Doorknobs!

  1. awwww… the DUDE is gone? Whoever will we have to talk about now?

  2. The Almighty Cuthulu



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