I have no real super-powers, but I can skip reasonably well

After months of trying earnestly, the office manager finally gave up the charade and removed the decaffienated coffee from the kitchen. He replaced it with “Italian Roast”, in order to complement our current offerings of “Seattle Blend”, “Columbian Supreme” and “OMG! I Drank One Cup of This Four Days Ago and I’m Still Awake!”

This news came too late for our current temp. She skipped Monday, came in late Tuesday, showed up at 1 PM Wednesday and got fired today.

Speaking of Tuesday, I had another job interview. I think I may have been the only candidate, so I’m sure to be ranked in the top three.

My mother gave me an anti-job-hopping pep talk in which she actually said, “You’re too old to keep starting over. You need to find one job and stick with it.” She said this because she has worked at the same company for 57 years. I told her she was just lucky that her company was still in business after 57 years.


One response to “I have no real super-powers, but I can skip reasonably well

  1. Even if YOU wanted to stay with the company for 57 years, THEY would probably “downsize” and then you’d be out of a job. Gotta look out for number 1 in this day and age. (Is this a job with a different company or within your same one?)

    The temp? Wow. I mean, I realize they are temp jobs but surely there is a time limit… you know, like two FULL days?

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