Baja Cafetorium

The Open House for the local elementary school was held in their cafetorium. Cafetorium. Cafetorium. I just like writing that. All the teachers were introduced and walked on stage as if they were modeling the new spring line for Even Brian wouldn’t have worn any of those outfits.

What I learned from the Expository Writing Exercises: “Walking without water is murder”.

After reading about avocadoes in the Diet of the Native Peoples of California book, I became obsessed with consuming a TJ Taxi from Baja Cantina. With extra guacamole, of course.



5 responses to “Baja Cafetorium

  1. I think you just made that up.

  2. I don’t have that much imagination.

  3. wait. did we ever clear up whether burglarized was a word?

  4. Seriously, those clothes were frightful. They should hire me as a fashion consultant or a personal shopper. Step one: lose those ugly shoes. All of them.

  5. burgarized is a word.

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