Staff Appreciation Day 2007

CK said that Staff Appreciation Day was held once again for those who haven’t been fired or laid off yet.

I asked her if she got her free pizza and t-shirt in lieu of raise again this year. She said she picked up three t-shirts and no pizza. She said the event wasn’t held at the Coliseum, since the floor was being replaced, so everyone had to cram in to the ballroom at the Student Center.

Of all the people from our old office that she could’ve run in to, she ran in to KIA. Although she tried to escape by slipping down a side hallway, KIA ruthlessly pursued her. CK is no James Bond, so she finally gave up and talked to KIA.

KIA: I hate that there’s no pizza this year.

CK: But they gave us food coupons so we could go eat anywhere at the Student Center, so you could go pick yourself something off the salad bar, since you always complained that they never thought of the vegetarians when they placed the pizza order.

KIA: …

CK {dashing away}: Byeee!!


3 responses to “Staff Appreciation Day 2007

  1. The Almighty Cuthulu

    I got 3 free tshirts and the opportunity not to run into anyone we used to work with. I rule.

  2. someone is getting “mighty” greedy with the t-shirts, aren’t they????

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