Two hours and seventeen hundred lies later…

Saturday night wasn’t all tear gas and riots. Before the SWAT team descended upon our domicile, we had time to go see a double feature of The Conversation and Chinatown at the Aero Theatre. The Minimum Wage twins went because they wanted to see Royal Tenenbaum spy on Shirley Feeney. I think he was looking for Laverne. John Cazale was great as Lenny. Or was it Squiggy?

We think this lady is pretty

There was a ten-minute intermission before Chinatown began, so I rummaged through my bag for my snacks (Diet Mountain Dew and Swedish Fish, of course). My hand hit upon… a stowaWage!

We've discovered a stowaWage!

After the movie, we all discussed Faye DunaWage and her scary eyebrows. Is this what women looked like in the 1970’s/1930’s?

Forget it, Scooterdeb. It’s Chinatown.


2 responses to “Two hours and seventeen hundred lies later…

  1. I think Faye Dunaway with her real eyebrows and had those scary ones drawn in at an alarming angle.

  2. Sorry; I should have put that last Punaway and not used it.

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