This is actual English sex

Although you can’t really tell by the look on his face, Little Ninja Wage was stoked to receive his ticket to the Morrissey concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

I wear black on the outside 'cause black is how I feel on the inside

I was going to post the same picture I posted the last time I went to the Hollywood Bowl in 2005, but I couldn’t find it, because I didn’t look for it. It was captioned “What I saw throughout the David Byrne concert” and it was a shot of a woman’s backside. For whatever reason, both times I’ve gone to the Bowl, I’ve gotten a seat behind the only person in the entire section who wants to stand for the full two-hour show.

Morrissey put on a great performance, even though the lack of inflatable dancing tube men on stage was painfully noticeable. They would’ve been overrun by the stage invaders, anyway. Security removed dozens of people who broke through the lines just to touch Morrissey while everyone in the audience was singing “and if they don’t believe uz now…”

Women in the front row were throwing panties on to the stage like it was a Tom Jones concert in Las Vegas. Morrissey reciprocated by ripping his shirt off and throwing it in to the crowd. Twice. With two different shirts, obviously.

It was all very swoon-inducing.


2 responses to “This is actual English sex

  1. …and I missed it all…

  2. I saw him in Birmingham, from a discreet distance.

    He could yet turn me…

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