I’m having a strange interlude…

Yes, I’m a week behind in posting. Think of it as a metaphor for my {air quote}Real Life{end air quote}. For those of you who prefer similes, I’m as late as a…. never mind… all I can think of are pregnant nun jokes.

Last weekend was the Summer SOULstice Festival on Main Street in Santa Monica. Minimum Ninja Wage and I walked over to watch the pedestrians inside the crosswalks get run over by tourists distracted by the Bob Dylan Tribute Band and the hordes of scavenger hunters.

Unbeknownst to us, but knownst to the NEXT Salon people, we would be thwarted in our attempt to finish the Red Scavenger Hunt. Before we began our failed quest, we stopped in for a free slice of cheese pizza.

Have a slice

MNW saw the rickety wheel over at the LA Weekly booth and begged me to let him spin it. He almost started smiling!

I hope I win the lip gloss

He wanted to win the lip gloss, but ended up with two pieces of flair instead. I told him those pins on his apron make him look like a rock star. All he needs now is a guitar case with a “This machine kills wasps” sticker.

I won two pieces of flair

These horses left the most giant poops all over the street. It’s the responsibility of the officers to clean up after the horses, but they didn’t. Curb your horse!

I'm seeing double

This horse was just the right size for MNW to ride. He wanted to take it home, but I told him our bathtub is too small for a horse.

This horse is just my size!

We ended up at Ben & Jerry’s for giant waffle cones full of Cherry Garcia (me) and Vanilla (not me). MNW passed out on the table. He said the room was spinning. I think it was the full day of psychedelic immersion that did him in.

It's a taste fantasia


3 responses to “I’m having a strange interlude…

  1. That wee horse has tan lines, so it does.

  2. So it has.

  3. Amazing … they have the same table at the Ben & Jerry’s near me!

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