Let’s take you back to the days when DDT was safe!

A guy in the office just got back from a weeklong trip to Cincinnati. It was one of those in-law-wedding deals, so it wasn’t exactly a vacation for him, even if he did get to eat his fill of Skyline Chili and Graeter’s ice cream. Since it was an in-law-wedding deal, his wife made him get his hair cut and his eyebrows trimmed. He also told me how his wife printed out the Mapquest directions to the airport and how they weren’t the actual directions to the airport and how they had to ask one of the locals how to get to the airport.

I was reminded of this joke from my childhood:

A farmer was sitting on his porch when  a city car pulled in to his driveway. You could tell it was a city car because all the winders was rolled up to keep in the air conditioning. The driver got out of the car and hollered, “Say, old man! How do you get to Louisville from here?”

The farmer looked at the driver, reached in to the pocket of his overalls and got himself a fresh chaw of tobacco. Then he stood up, slowly descended the porch steps and walked over to the city car. He looked the driver square in the eye and said, “Well…. most times, my son-in-law takes me!”


While we were going to Paco’s Tacos to pick up lunch for the rest of the office people, he told me they’d visited the Louisville Slugger museum and gotten their free souvenir Bat of Wrath. Back in my day, they’d give those out to children on school field trips. The bus trip back to the school always ended in all the bats getting confiscated after someone got hit in the face. Or maybe that was just MY experience…


One response to “Let’s take you back to the days when DDT was safe!

  1. …always handy for self-defense…

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