Hey,you’re giving away the plot

We went to see The Simpsons Movie on opening day. The whole place was packed. The audience laughed and clapped throughout the film, because it was just that good.

Early on, there was a scene with President Schwarzenegger. He was inspecting a pink, mutant squirrel that had been taken from the lake in Springfield. It had multiple eyes and was drooling everywhere. The squirrel, not the lake.

When he said, “Ach! All those eyes and gnashing teeth. It’s like Christmas at the Kennedy Compound!” the ENTIRE theater was silent. Except for me. A “ha-ha” worthy of Nelson escaped from my mouth in to the void. It occurred to me that I was sitting inside a theater full of A) democrats and/or B) young people.


2 responses to “Hey,you’re giving away the plot

  1. *snicker* …sorry, I couldn’t help it.

  2. The Almighty Cuthulu

    well at least it wasnt a joke about drownding hookers…The Almighty Cuthulu has spoken

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