It’s the bridge to the Sculpture Garden

After reading all the blogs and various first-hand accounts of the I-35W bridge collapse, I think I have hit upon the reason for the structure’s failure. Apparently, every single person IN Minnesota had just driven over the bridge mere moments before its collapse.

That bridge just wasn’t designed to handle that kind of traffic.


7 responses to “It’s the bridge to the Sculpture Garden

  1. True. It’s odd to hear all those people that JUST went over… hmmm… looking for their 15 minutes maybe?

  2. Oh, and I went over it to… but it’s been about three years ago.

  3. Shame McGonagall’s not around to immortalize the event in poesy.

  4. Lo, it was in the summer of the year of our lord two thousand and seven
    When some blessed unfortunate souls were recalled to heaven
    The bridge collapsed and they thought it must have been a dream
    But they were dropped into the mighty Mississippi’s stream
    Some were driving to work and some were driving back
    And the department of homeland security vouched that it was nay a terrorist attack

  5. How I’ve missed your poetry, Brian! (Not to mention the more active blogging style of times past). Beautiful poem here.

    Isn’t it a little funny that with all the trials and suffering that so often befall those of us on this side of the mortality game , we do actually think it’s *unfortunate* when someone crosses over unexpectedly? (Hmm… “crosses over” used in a strictly spiritual sense there, given the bridge failure and all. Yikes) I often wonder if we living ones might be the “unfortunate” souls.

    Yep, I’ve really missed your poetry!

  6. BTW — this post just cracks me up, Scooterdeb. Each time someone on the news offers the latest theory about what caused the collapse, this post pops into my head. The late-night comics have nothing on you. :>)

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