If I run out of vomit, can I have some of yours?

The office space in which I work is rather small by 2007 standards. The entire area is 64′ x 24′. The four “corner offices” are taken up by Boss1, Boss2, Supervisor1 and the conference room. There’s another office with a door, and two people share that. The only other room with a door is the bathroom/supply room. The rest of the open space is shared by six drones. I’m always backing into the woman who sits behind me.

But enough of that. What I was REALLY wondering today was this: if you worked in such a confined space, would you prefer to share the bathroom and resultant air with –

1) A pregnant woman with morning sickness, so that the office smells of upchuck (“un sac vomitoire, s’il vous plait!”) or;

2) An overweight woman taking Alli, so that the office smells like a crap festival (“Crapstock!”)?



4 responses to “If I run out of vomit, can I have some of yours?

  1. Can I please have option #3 – “none of the above”

    Feel for ya. I only have to share with 10 men.

  2. The Almighty Cuthulu

    Bring me a bucket…The Almighty Cuthulu has spoken

  3. So — have you been so overcome by the workplace odours that your fingers won’t type a post? Or have you and Brian been signed by some shampoo company as their spokesmodels, and your international promo campaign has you too busy to post? I finally got myself checking back in regularly, and now you’re not here. (Hmm…I hope those two things aren’t somehow connected. O_O) I hope all is well with you.

  4. There is an echo in here… come back!

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