And if your area is not clear, see your doctor.

If you have to take someone to the Urgent Treatment Center, I suggest driving behind the pizza delivery guy. By virtue of his speeding and erratic weaving, he makes pedestrians reluctant to use the mid-block crosswalk. No more traffic backups waiting for the Snail Family to cross!

Once you’re at the UTC, I suggest that the patient vomit on the floor of the lobby in order to get a nurse to put them in a room to be seen immediately. This works equally well at any emergency room. Some patients are polite and ask for a sick bag or trashcan. Some are shy and vomit in the commode with the door locked for privacy. These patients are missing the point. You want to be SEEN by the doctor – you don’t want to WAIT in the lobby. Straight out floor vomiting guarantees you will be removed from that lobby.


4 responses to “And if your area is not clear, see your doctor.

  1. Um… YOU weren’t the patient, were ya?

  2. i’ll remember that one next time i see my brain surgeon

  3. Only you could come up with such a creative variation on “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” 🙂 I wonder how long before you start getting hate email from medical facility housekeepers the world over… heh-heh

    I hope whomever was sick is making a speedy recovery!

  4. Sue – Marukan was the patient. I think the fever addled her brain – especially the “decision making” part.

    Suzie – I’ve never tried out that method during a regular appointment at a doctor’s office, but it might work. Try it out and report back!

    Ms. A.R. – Some antibiotics seem to have set things back to what passes for normal around here!

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