This car handles much easier after three martinis

I had this idea for a whole post this morning on my drive in to work. My plan was to outline a well thought-out post so y’all wouldn’t have to read the first draft stuff that’s usually here. By the time I got to the office, I had decided that the introduction would mention that there are two things that have equal power to make me wacky angry.

The first thing happened this morning and that’s why I was thinking on it. It really irritates me when you’re driving in the inside lane on a four-lane road and the driver behind you suddenly speeds up, swerves to pass you, then cuts in front of you, only to slam on their brakes to turn left at the very next intersection. Some people would call this “driving like a douchebag”, but I don’t usually say things like that. Unless I’m talking about my **-*******, and then it doesn’t even have to be about driving, necessarily.

By the time my lunch hour had rolled around, I’d already forgotten what the second angry-making thing was. It’s this short-term memory loss that makes me seem so patient and forgiving to other people.

Since you DIDN’T get a well thought-out post today, I’ll see if I can make up for it by posting a picture of my new Ice Lodge Wage!

Hypersleep makes them cold as ice


4 responses to “This car handles much easier after three martinis

  1. The Almighty Cuthulu

    LOL that looks like someone stuck a dead baby into a dry cleaners bag. The almighty Cuthulu has spoken

  2. I like it! I like it!
    Nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks of blog postings only to have them evaporated into the ether…

    Oh, and yes. I agree with you on THOSE DRIVERS. Arrggghhh…

  3. 4-lane highways are rare about Cullybackey but this is something I’ve noticed. A driver who pulls out in front of me at an intersection will, 9 times out of 10, only be going a few hundred yards to the next intersection, thereby causing me to to apply brakes twice.

  4. So where is the office and what are you doing these days?

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