HQ, my hat looks like a muffin, over.

At the Police Station – Missing Persons Desk

Officer: And, starting from the top down, can you describe what she’s wearing?

Me: She’s wearing a brown hat and…

Officer: What kind of hat?

Me: A knit one.

Officer: A knit hat? What does that look like?

Me: You know… it’s knit and you can roll it down like this or roll it up. Jack Nicholson wore one in that One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest movie.

Officer: I still don’t know what you mean.

Me: It’s a toboggan.

Officer: …

Me: …

Officer: A what??

Me: A toboggan.

Officer: I have NEVER heard of a hat called a toboggan.

Me: That’s what it is.

Officer {pulls out diagram of hat styles}: Is it this?

Me: Yes! That’s the hat!

Officer: That’s a beanie.

Me: Isn’t a beanie one of those hats with a propeller on top?

Officer: …


3 responses to “HQ, my hat looks like a muffin, over.

  1. The Almighty Cuthulu

    “Donnie you are out of your element” The Almighty Cuthulu has spoken

  2. a beanie? to funny…

  3. That was great, am new to your blog but will be back for more

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