Brian’s Celebrity Dreams – Part 1 in an occasional series

I dreamt I was watching Barry Norman (wearing a black pin-stripe suit and a white turtleneck) review a Russian film. He explained that it was set in a strange village by a lake and concerned the impact on the villagers of the arrival of a mysterious stranger from the outside world.

Then he showed a clip: the lake was enormous and near the shore were the remains of many sunken ships – only the tops of the masts were visible. Totally impossible, because ships that size could never get so close to the shore – never mind the unlikelihood of their getting into a lake in the first place… A woman from the village was talking to the stranger; she explained that once, a long time ago, the village leader had swum further out than anybody had ever swum before….and was not seen again until his body washed up on the shore two weeks later….


2 responses to “Brian’s Celebrity Dreams – Part 1 in an occasional series

  1. I’m channelling Andrei Tarkovsky, so I am.

  2. It’s not implausible for ships to have made their way into a lake in Russia. Stalin built loads of canals precisely to that end. Well, not exactly: it was also a matter of giving prisoners on slave-labour schemes something to do. Quite a lot of these canals turned out to be white elephants.

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