Hey, let’s give some of us a crack at that bowl

F came over to see if he could get a box of pens from our supply closet/bathroom, but the room was Occupado. Honestly, what kind of office is it where the paper clips are kept inside the facilities? The longer you have to wait outside the door, the more obvious it becomes that you don’t want to go inside the room once it’s vacated. F wandered over to my desk and started rifling through my pencil cup.

F: I can’t wait any longer. I need a pen. Can I have one of yours?

Me: No. If you’ll look closely, you’ll see that I have no office supply duplicates in that cup. Each item has a purpose and you may not take any of them.

F {picks up a different pen}: I like this pen. Can I have this one?

Me: No. That’s the pen I use to fill out the deposit slips, because it’s the only one that goes through three carbons.

F {picks up a different pen}: What about this one?

Me: No. That’s the pen I use when I fill out the armored carrier bags, because it doesn’t smear or shred the plastic.

F {picks up the letter opener}: Hey, look! You have a shank!

Me: No. Now, I’ve been counselled before on this matter. That is a shiv.

F: It could be a shank.

Me: To shank is a verb. Shiv is a noun. I am aware that shank can also be a noun, depending on regional usage. You can shank someone with a shiv, but you cannot shiv someone with a shank.

F: You don’t have to teach me about shivs and shanks. I’m Mexican! I carry a big knife in my front pocket!

Me: Ah! So THAT’S what that is!!

J1 {from behind the next cubicle wall}: Bwa-hahahahahahahaha!!


3 responses to “Hey, let’s give some of us a crack at that bowl

  1. The Almighty Cuthulu

    Ahh you remembered the lesson. The circle is complete, now you are the master. The Almighty Cuthulu has spoken

  2. Love that each item has a purpose, great read

  3. Hmmm… *eyeing pencil cup*…

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