This better be a strip folk song

Me: Hey, you know how I listen to Jonesy’s Jukebox on the car radio on my way home for lunch?

Brian: Yes?

Me: Well, Steve Jones was talking about whatever, so I wasn’t paying attention. But then he went to play a song and I was all, “OMG!!!1!”

Brian: Yes?

Me: BECAUSE – when I heard it – and I’d never heard it before – I thought, “It’s like a Brian song!”

Brian: You mean it was composed over a period of years and the author wasn’t happy with it?

Me: The lyrics were like what you might write, though maybe not quite as randomly full of mentions about cold stone statues, and the guy was just playing a straight acoustic guitar and there may have been background vocals going “Ooooh”, as they do…. but it reminded me of YOU and it was like one of your very own songs had come to life. I kept waiting for it to morph out of something good and in to a disappointment, but it never did.

Brian: …

Me: But the thing WAS – when I heard the LYRICS, they were EXACTLY the sort of thing YOU write about. It was just some guy singing random crap.

Brian: …

Me: And he sounded just like you sound when you sing your songs.

Brian: …

Me: That said, I don’t know how you’ll feel when I tell you that I rushed inside to look up the song after I cleared the ant infestation and found out the title and who was singing it.

Brian: So, do I want to know?

Me: Should I tell you? I should, shouldn’t I?

Brian: Are you going to tell me??

Me: It was Suzanne by Leonard Cohen.

Brian: …

Me: Is that OK? Is it OK to compare your stuff to his?

Brian: Ummmm…. yeah…. yeah…. in fact, it is *very* okay to compare my stuff to his. I’m not sure how Leonard would feel about it, but colour me flattered!


5 responses to “This better be a strip folk song

  1. Half way through your post, I thought Brian’s silence was palpable, and you kept going, well done. I laughed so much at this, picturing his face, “It was just some guy singing random crap and he sounded like you when you sing your songs”
    Loved it, so funny

  2. Leonard’s Starmeter is up 13% this week; he’s lagging way behind me, so he is.

  3. Well, everybody knows – as the man says – the anecdote about Cohen telling Dylan how long he spent over Hallelujah.

  4. Yes, well….nobody would argue that Hallelujah is well worth all the time spent on it; the same can hardly be said for my songs….

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