I just feel like you might not be ready for some football

I don’t usually go on a rant about much of anything (generally because I don’t have the engery for getting all worked up about the latest public grievance), but the farce that is the NCAA Football Rankings has me pre-emptively worn out.

It is no secret that I don’t follow college football, but that’s because my team is the University of Kentucky. There’s not usually anything to follow, because the Wildcats tend to lose the majority of their games. That is, until this year. Which is what brings me to the popularity contest known as “The Rankings”.

Explain to me this:

In Week 6, UK was undefeated and ranked #8. They played the University of South Carolina, which was ranked #11.

They lost AT South Carolina 38-23.

All of a sudden, UK dropped to #17 and South Carolina ascended to #7.

This past weekend, UK – Number 17 – beat LSU – NUMBER 1 (ONE!!1!) in TRIPLE OVERTIME – 43-37.

This weeks rankings? UK #8, LSU #5. How does THAT work? Both teams are 6-1, but one team was dealt its loss by a “Number 17” ranked team. Shouldn’t that somehow drop the Tigers to… I don’t know… #10 or something?


4 responses to “I just feel like you might not be ready for some football

  1. The Almighty Cuthulu

    Fuckin GO CATS! The Almighty Cuthulu has spoken

  2. Uh… I hate math. I’ll take your word for it.

  3. Ha! There’s no math involved! It’s all just a big scam like we’re electing the class president in high school and pretending it isn’t because he’s so hot.

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