Woo-hoo! We got ISO-9001 certified!

My friend The Bin Man learned of my affinity towards Macs and set aside two G3 towers and a late-model 14″ iBook for me. The iBook has a cracked LCD, but I hooked it up to an external monitor, powered it on, hacked in to the password-protected account and was alternately happy and depressed that it had better specs than my own laptop. The battery even holds a charge longer than my mine!

As for the towers, all I have to say is – people, people, people. Please remove and/or erase the hard drive data from computers you’re throwing out. Plus, there’s no real need to keep three years worth of e-mail, is there? Even if it’s work-related, I think it’s OK to delete the history of co-workers mailing you to ask if you can send Patrick over to their office to hang up a picture or replace the light bulb. I don’t even work with you and I know where all the FedEx mailing supplies are kept. I also agree that it was poor judgment on Jasmine’s part to schedule the monthly birthday celebration at the same time as the production meeting, but there was no need to send that catty e-mail to Erika.

Can I interest you in an early-model SCSI card?


3 responses to “Woo-hoo! We got ISO-9001 certified!

  1. The Almighty Cuthulu

    Mmmm g3 goodness, so…archaic. oh yeah Fuck Norm Swain! The Almighty Cuthulu has spoken

  2. I’m going to open my own Museum of Obsolescence and charge people XII sheckels for admission.

  3. “Woo-hoo! We got ISO-9001 certified!”

    Hmmm… People aren’t usually quite so happy to have it verified that they are certifiable. So glad it pleases you! 😉

    I’m crazy about this pic. The Minimum Wages look a lot like I’ve always pictured computer viruses would look, if we could see them running around in a computer. Though I pictured them much smaller, of course, and I never noticed the beautiful sombreros before. (Did I really just admit all that?) Forget ‘crazy about this pic’ — maybe I better just cop to crazy…?? OK, and maybe it’s me that’s ‘certifiable’ ?? *chuckles nervously*

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