I gotta get goin’… I’m tryin’ to cook a pork shoulder on my exhaust manifold

I was in Aisle Six at the grocery, choosing this week’s chocolate cake mix, when a woman (who looked to be MY AGE) came over to me and asked, “What do you make Jell-O in?”

How complicated is Jell-O?

Bowl, Jell-O powder, boiling water, stir, cold water, stir, set in fridge, eat.

How could this process involve the need for questions? However, since she asked, I pointed out the set of custard cups and told her I made Jell-O in those, so each person could have their own little serving. She said that she was told to bring lemon Jell-O to a party and didn’t know what to make it in. I steered her toward the Bundt cake pan, because she wanted to “unmold it and it still be in a shape”. She was setting the bar high, indeed.

Speaking of stuff in that lane, my question this morning is about flour. Specifically, what happens when you buy flour and use it once, then forget it in the cabinet? When you open the bag again, there’s always some kind of insect party going on in there. Where do these weevily pests come from? They aren’t in anything else, so were they in the flour bag all along?



4 responses to “I gotta get goin’… I’m tryin’ to cook a pork shoulder on my exhaust manifold

  1. The Almighty Cuthulu

    Hmmm i wonder who we can blame for the lack of understanding of Jello? Oh yeah, Norm Swain. Fuck Norm Swain! The Almighty Cuthulu has spoken

  2. Norm Swain causes flour weevils.


  3. Weevils are an invaluable source of protein.

  4. May I suggest putting your flour in some sort of air-tight container? That seems to help. That is all. You’re welcome.

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