We’ve got Judy Garland on the line. She’ll be advising you on the pill thing.

I was down to the last dose of Sudafed. Panic! I rummaged through the cabinet in hopes of finding an emergency stash. Instead of plain Sudafed, I found a box of Aleve Cold & Sinus – remnants of Marukan’s last illness. I remember the doctor said it was sold over-the-counter, but was kept behind-the-counter and I’d have to ask for it, show the pharmacist the “not really a prescription for over-the-counter medication” paper, and give the assistant my driver’s license so they could enter my name on the Meth Lab Prevention list.

What I didn’t remember was the doctor saying to take the stuff only in the mornings. I remembered it at 4 AM, though.

I checked the ingredients on the label. Regular Sudafed has 10 mg (of Sudafed) per 4-hour dose. The Aleve Cold & Sinus has 120 mg (of Sudafed) per 12-hour dose. Talk about sheer energy! I got so many projects completed this weekend!

On a different medication note – in my life, the taste of all liquid medications has been compared to some “carsick medicine” I used to have to take when I was small. I used to get vomiterious in the back seat of the car on long drives. I’d like to think that it was related to the driver’s ability to negotiate curves on country roads while smoking with the windows rolled up, but it’s easier to medicate a child than to change the behavior of an adult.

But I digress. The carsick medicine was, by far, the foulest tasting substance known to me. Any time people complained about the taste of Nyquil or cough syrup, I remembered the carsick medicine and ranked the tastes of these other medicaments accordingly.

Last night I took some prescription cough syrup. I was unable to rank the taste on the “at least it’s better than carsick medicine” scale… because it WAS the carsick medicine! It was Phenergan all along. G to the R to the O double S.


4 responses to “We’ve got Judy Garland on the line. She’ll be advising you on the pill thing.

  1. I got so many projects completed this weekend!

    Hey, if it means you bake a chocolate cake for Sunday breakfast….just keep popping those pills, dammit!

  2. Ah the joy of roadtesting cold meds, roll on the next dose of flu!!!!!

  3. The Almighty Cuthulu

    I bet Norm Swain is on the Meth Lab list…bigtime. Fuck Norm Swain! The Almighty Cuthulu has spoken.

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