The army just called and told him never mind

98% of the phone calls that came in today went like this:

Front-desk Guy: Hello?

Caller: Are you open today?

Front-desk Guy: Yes.

Caller: Why? It’s Veteran’s Day.

Front-desk Guy: …

The other 2% of the calls were hang-ups and wrong numbers.

Were these people calling to confirm that “everywhere” is closed on Veteran’s Day? And since we were open, that wrecked their bet with Cousin Frank and they lost $6000 and so felt obligated to argue with us? If we’d been closed, they’d have been angry about that, too.

Front-desk Guy started to wear down from all the calls by mid-afternoon. I think some of the people were calling again just to confirm that we were STILL open. I told him to take a break after I heard him say, “Yes, we observe Veteran’s Day. We just don’t observe it by taking the day off work.”


3 responses to “The army just called and told him never mind

  1. I cry but I can’t buy your Veteran’s Day popularity.

  2. The Almighty Cuthulu

    You just cost Norm Swain six thousand dollars. fuck Norm Swain. The almighty Cuthulu has spoken.

  3. It was kinda weird this year… they didn’t shut down on Monday in observance. I mean like most places usually do.

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