It’s not LOLcats… it’s LOLBrians!

It's not LOLcats... it's LOLBrians!


5 responses to “It’s not LOLcats… it’s LOLBrians!

  1. Mmmmm….ice cream…..

  2. Mmmmm…Brian… 🙂 (Very cute pic, BTW)

    I’m a total failure at commenting these days, but I sure think of you guys a lot. I managed to miss wishing anybody either a Happy Halloween or a Happy Thanksgiving, and then those days were just gone. To avoid the same thing happening again, please accept my slightly early good wishes for the holidays that are rapidly approaching. I hope you’ll enjoy a beautiful Christmas, as well as New Year’s Eve and Day, and that 2008 will be filled with all the blessings you can stand. And quite selfishly, I hope you’ll write about all of your holiday doings, so I can get lots of vicarious thrills. (It’s just too much work to do anything interesting with my own life, and so much more fascinating to peek in on what you guys are up to, eh? 😉 )

  3. *Shakes laptop briskly, shouting, “ARE YOU OKAY IN THERE?? ARE YOU OOOO-KAAAY??”*

    Umm… I’d happily provide blogopulmonary resuscitation, if only I could figure out which port I could breathe into without zapping my lips.

    Sure hope things are going great for y’all. Or all y’all, as the case may be. 😉


  4. Hey! I know I’ve been bad coming around, but this is waaaay too quiet in here.

    Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! now come back, ‘kay?

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