As you can see folks, no strings, no mirrors…

Special Guest Post by Hi-De-Ho Wage!!

OMG!!1! I is *so* excited this morning. First I had a ride on the bus – and I got off across the street from my old stomping ground, so I was able to see the window where I spent so many years.

And then….

Wage at base camp


As a tribute to the late Edmund Hilary, I established base camp and essayed an ascent of the difficult North Face.

Wage essays the difficult North Face

It was tough going but, in the words of Sir Ed….

Wage at the summit!

….I knocked the b*****d off!


5 responses to “As you can see folks, no strings, no mirrors…

  1. The Almighty Cuthulu

    About time.

  2. I’m so confused.

  3. Me too — but then again, I seem to be confused more often than not, so I can’t blame Wage. I’m just so thrilled to see signs of life here that a bit of added confusion doesn’t bother me much. 🙂 The creative tribute to Sir Edmund is a delightful bonus.

    I’ve never actually seen “hand holes” written anywhere before. If not in the context of boxes with, well, holes for the hands to grip through — I’d have thought it might describe a feature on some yet-to-be released Uglydoll.

  4. I want a box castle to call my very own!


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