This aggression will not stand

I was a bit disheartened to discover that some killjoy had posted an official “No Dumping” sign at the very spot in the alley were all the choicest finds can be had.

Where would I go when I needed to pick up new home furnishings for free? Would I be forced to go outside my own alley in search of cast-off desks, chairs, lamps, framed portraits, coffee tables, night stands and the like? How would I be able to carry home anything I might find? No one was going to put anything good in the alley across the way… the alley where the commode was left months ago and still stands.

Four hours later, my faith in my fellow citizens had been restored. A sweet blue wooden bookshelf stood defiantly under the official sign, serving as a physical reminder that we will not be dissuaded.


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