That’s the key to the City of Pasadena

One of the guys at work picked up a box of key tags at the locksmith’s shop and showed me the bill.

I swear if I ever want to buy $250 worth of keys and pay $100 cash for them, I’d go to this place. They write up the invoices by hand and the math is always wrong. When I ask about it, they say, “You get a discount”. I agree that we get a 10% discount, but the shoddy arithmetic ramps it up to about 75% off.

Printed on the box was the phrase, “Easily Identifies Keys!”

Excitedly, I plucked a key out of my desk drawer. No one knew which lock it opened, and now was our chance to find out!

I put the key next to one of the blank key tags and waited patiently for the answer to appear.


I sent back the box, as the tags are clearly defective.


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