All but one man died? There at Bitter Creek?

Even though the maintenance workers have turned on the Christmas lights that are permanently strung up at the top of our building, the Holiday Season never starts until the first two-pound box of See’s Candies gets dropped off by a random visitor.

The Holiday Season began today!

I can tell that the financial downturn has already taken its toll because only a one-pound box of assorted chocolates appeared on the counter.

If anyone ever wanted to eliminate the American workforce, all they’d have to do is have a large group of attractive people drop off poisoned candy in offices all over the country. No one ever questions why a box of chocolate appears. I guess this approach would only work with American terrorists, since they’d still be alive at the end of the day to see what kind of havoc they wreaked.

Unless they ate the almond-covered toffee truffle, of course.


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