They did not receive the money, you nitwit!

I had started to wonder why I was getting so many begging letters in the mail from charities around the country after I received a request from one with a made-up sounding name.

After I googled the name and found out it was a legitimate charity, I clicked through to another result at Nextmark.

Right there… the name… Next Mark… at least they’re honest. They could have been more honest and called it Names of Dupes Who Can Be Convinced To Donate To Your Cause Because They Already Gave To Someone Else.

But that wouldn’t encompass their entire set of mailing lists, I guess.

To start fooling everyone in to thinking I’ve really made it in the world, I discovered that I’m going to have to start shopping at Harry and David, since it’s known that “Harry and David catalog buyers don’t think twice about the cost of a quality gift.” That is SO ME!!

I was also saddened to discover that if I only I had shopped at The Vermont Country Store the past few years, I would already be able to be a homeowner.

Live and learn.

This is what I get for subscribing to People en Espanol.


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