We’ll be near the In-and-Out Burger

I have no exciting tales of Thanksgiving weirdness to share with you. I blame myself, of course, because I stayed home and ordered in from China Wok. Therefore, there will be no stories about car travel, drunken family members, dessicated dressing balls and/or awkward personal conversations in which I try to deflect attention away from myself.

In other news, I heard that K-Mart was bringing back Layaway for people who have maxxed out their credit cards and still want to buy things, but can’t pay all at once. Since the concept of saving has escaped their notice, these folks give the store a percentage deposit in cash, and then make bi-weekly payments over an eight-week period of time. If they don’t pay off the items in time, they forfeit the money they’ve paid and the store keeps the goods.

It’s so retro! I thought I’d give it a try, so I looked up the store locator online to find my local K-Mart. The closest one is 14 miles south of here. I clicked on their driving directions and found that this is the last step in one of eight it would take me to get there:


I love Southern California.


3 responses to “We’ll be near the In-and-Out Burger

  1. Am I still the only person who knows you’re blogging again!!?

  2. “Am I still the only person who knows you’re blogging again!!?”

    She hasn’t even told *me* yet, dammit!

  3. It’s less pressure when I have an audience of one.

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