Phone Call From My Mother, Part 189

Me: Hello?

Mother: Weren’t you going to call and check on me?

Me: I was starting to wonder what was wrong when I didn’t get three e-mails from you yesterday.

Mother: I can’t email you if I’m dead.

Me: You wouldn’t be answering the phone if I called and you were dead, either.

Mother: Oh, yes, I would’ve answered the phone if I knew who was calling.

Me: …


2 responses to “Phone Call From My Mother, Part 189

  1. No need to worry about her, then. She can overcome death to answer the telephone, sounds as if she can take care of herself.
    When are you going to check on me?

  2. This is similar to my mom’s tactics, which is to have my dad email me to call her, then act all surprised that I have.
    “Sweetie, you didn’t have to call me, how nice.”
    “Dad emailed me six times to tell me to.”
    “Oh, well… you know your father.”
    “He said you threatened him with liver for dinner.”
    “Liver is good for you. ”
    “If I eat liver, I’ll die.”
    “Well, call me first, okay, sweetie?”
    ” Okay, Mom.”

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