Now with extra posting goodness

I swear the “stats” feature on WordPress is just cracked. Although it registers 48,000 visitors from yesterday, none of them were referred from anywhere and only one post was viewed. Really, WordPress?  Does this mean there’s only one reader out there who visits a lot?

Hmmm…. maybe I have been premature in my cynicism!

Well, dear reader – whoever you are – you might, in fact, be enthralled to find out that I have an ambitious new plan for 2010. I am for serious going to post something most every day, notwithstanding internet outages due interference from a build-up of cat hair on the receiver. I’m not one to make New Years’ Resolutions, so I thought I’d start. I might even {hold on to your seats} upload some photos on a semi-regular basis.

The solar flares must have gotten to me.


3 responses to “Now with extra posting goodness

  1. Will the monster (forgive me, I’ve forgotten his name) be feature prominently in these photos? I envy his adventured pictorials.

  2. Wage (in all his incarnations) will most definitely be featured 🙂

  3. *jumping up and down with joy*

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