Johnny feels stark hands pressing him onward

Sewing paraphernalia

I started the day with a cup of tea, a pillowcase and a bunch of unused cat toys. My big plan was to begin 2010  by doing more stuff in Real Life and less stuff in Mafia Wars. Cafe World still has a hold on me, but I’m trying to detox. Slowly. Slowly.

The cat toys were a lame attempt to appease the Investigator. He always winds up sitting on whatever I’m trying to measure, cut, sew, etc. I found them in an unopened box that has been on the floor since we moved. Clearly, the cat never missed them. This may be in part because he never played with them. Nothing has changed.

cat and toys

After cutting off the sewn end of the pillowcase, I measured the tube (hee hee!) on my Lovely Assistant. Then it was only a matter of hemming and adding an elastic waistband. I have about a thousand yards of elastic, so everything gets an elastic waistband. Even items that don’t have waistbands. If I had a whole bucket of zippers, everything would get a zipper. Say… now there’s an idea. I could start off going for some kind of punk, overzippered look, and try not to careen over in to Michael Jackson jacket territory.

The finished product (apologies in advance for the totally wacky alignment that WordPress is putting on my photos… I have been trying to expand the column width, but as I’m not a paying subscriber, I guess I’ll take what I get for free. Sometimes – like now – I miss Blogger and can’t remember why I ditched them.):


2 responses to “Johnny feels stark hands pressing him onward

  1. I do not believe in Real Life. Fortunately, it has no idea I exist so I’m safe.
    Sewing projects are fun stuff. I’ve been working on learning counted cross stitch, which requires focus and attention so it might just be a big fail waiting to hap… oooh, look, the cat has a ribbon trapped!
    But if you ever want to get into cross stitch, this is the best place for patterns:
    Happy New Year!

  2. Okay, first… if you wean yourself off Cafe World, Mafia Wars, Hatchinglings… (you get the drift), for heaven’s sake don’t delete the app because there are still those of us who get stuff from your link (eggs, bonus XP, etc.). Yeah, I know. You are a big girl and can do what you want. Still? Think not of yourself… think of others. Those of us who are still addicts. 🙂

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