Not since “Fire Maidens of Outer Space” has there been a ladder scene so compelling

So!!! What better way to spend an excellent birthday than to spend the day at a fighter jet simulator?! On Sunday, we hopped in the sled and drove until we arrived at FlightDeck in Anaheim. Mupple and Wage got suited up and placed inside an actual simulated F-16 cockpit.

Several aerial dogfight kills and a couple crash landings later, we floated over to a gargantuan shopping mall to find a place to eat. Our choices varied amongst so many chain restaurants that it boggled the mind. We picked what we hoped would be the least worst place – Bob’s Big Boy.

We must have had to pay out some kind of karmic penance at the restaurant for having such fantabulous day at the flight simulator. We scored a waiter who was bored enough to work at the PF Chang’s in Santa Monica. He walked away from the table WHILE TAKING OUR ORDER. We were left with cartoon question marks over our heads until he returned. Management was no better… the manager decided that one of the light bulbs in the middle of the room should be changed and had two guys haul out what appeared to be a fifty-foot ladder. Once they placed it under the bulb, he made the climb to the top, where he discovered that he was unable to remove the dead lamp. He fished his car keys out of his pocket and used those in an attempt to pry the lamp from its socket. I kept not watching in case he electrocuted himself. Mupple opined that the manager would probably fall off the ladder if he were electrocuted and I didn’t want to see any more flaming carcasses that day.


One response to “Not since “Fire Maidens of Outer Space” has there been a ladder scene so compelling

  1. Seeing as we have no “Bob’s Big Boy” restaurants here, I’m just thinking “McD’s” with beer…

    Oh, and having a flash of that guy breaking the lamp with his key and having glass shards EVERYWHERE. Dumbass. (Him, of course, not you.)

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