Ho, ho, ho, there’s a dollar in every one. My chain letter scam worked!

One of my co-workers is on the phone with Verizon. She asked them if she could make payment arrangements for her bill. They said no.

She asked if they could work with her on *making arrangements* to pay. They said she could pay her bill in full by January 13 and that was the only arrangement they were making.


How does this refusal to help customers benefit Verizon? They already have a lock on being the only home telephone service provider in her neighborhood. If they made a one-time accommodation for a customer of 20 years, they’d still have her as a customer. If they cut off her service, they don’t have to deal with her non-payment, but who are they going to gain as a customer once she’s gone? She says once she pays them off, she’s cancelling her service… so, either way… Verizon has managed to lose a customer just by acting like they don’t need her. And in this day and age!

Too bad people don’t apply this same drop philosophy to other companies which treat customers like crap. If everyone finally stopped shopping at Best Buy, for example, maybe it would send an economic message to their headquarters that JUST MAYBE some of their customer UNfriendly policies should be changed.


3 responses to “Ho, ho, ho, there’s a dollar in every one. My chain letter scam worked!

  1. I’ve dumped banks because of shitty service, twice in the past ten years. And I gave AT&T the boot once for the same reason. Boycotted a local pizza place until we finally moved, and once wrote to the head offices of Lowe’s and the district manager called me three times to make sure the issue was settled.
    I’m too old and cranky to put up with bad behavior from people I give money to.

  2. I agree. I don’t know why anyone shops at Best Buy, given that they don’t hide their atrocious return policy. Sure, you might save money up front, but you’re screwed if anything goes wrong.
    I also won’t shop at Target because of an issue with their corporate office. This makes me sad sometimes, because they sell some really cute things. 🙂

  3. I like your resolve.

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