The Original Jackleg

My mother never cursed in front of me when I was growing up. I blame this lack of exposure for my fascination with people who can just roll off a string of profanity-laden sentences.

But I was thinking tonight that there is one person I know who really epitomizes the most derogatory word she ever used to describe someone’s character.

That word is "jackleg".

I have been dealing with a particular jackleg for a long time. It’s exhausting and very angry-making.

It’s my own fault for letting said jackleg get to me and push every single one of my buttons. I should just let it roll off and know that said jackleg is a seriously unhappy individual, but it’s hard to remind myself of that when steam is pouring out of my ears at the very mention of the jackleg.

I should go to bed and stop thinking about it.


One response to “The Original Jackleg

  1. …and you are going to leave us hanging like that?… *reading further in hopes of enlightenment*

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