I like pie

I briefly saw an advertisement on the Facebook sidebar that looked interesting. It was unlike the other junk ads that annoy me by being overly specific – “Are you this particular age? Then you can become a nurse/get cheaper car insurance/go back to school/finance a new home!” I’m usually on Facebook to play games, so I tend to over look the ads. Since this one looked cool, I thought I’d investigate.

I think the  site name was “Paris Delivered”. Maybe it’s “A Bit of Paris”… I can’t recall. The ad has a cartoon lady holding an Eiffel Tower in her hand.

I went to the site, because I thought it was maybe a kind of aggregate shop where one could purchase Parisian items. But it turned out to be a kind of weekly email signup thing where they tell you about cool stuff IN Paris – food, beverages, entertainment, shopping, hotels, etc. They give you all the information, but it’s not helping me to know that a restaurant in some rue is serving the best chocolate cake in the world if I can’t buy it online and have it sent to my home.


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